More pesticides for strawberries

I have long known about the high levels of pesticides used on conventional pesticides – and in fact I remember one article that claimed that conventional strawberries had as much as 10x as many pesticides as some of the other fruit they were sharing shelf space with.

A friend recently passed along an article to me that suggests the pesticide usage on strawberries is about to become worse.

According to the article…

… And in Sacramento, a pesticide so cancer- Geneva Conventions apply to them. And in Sacramento, a pesticide so cancer- causing that it’s often used specifically to create cancer in rats for medica experiments was just proposed for approval for use on the state’s strawberry crop.


The state’s own Department of Pesticide Regulation had advised in a report against approving the gas, methyl iodide. And several Nobel prize winners asked the U.S. EPA not to approve it. (It did.) According to farmers, there are a number of alternatives to the stuff, alternatives to the stuff, including solarization, anaerobic soil disinfestation and natural pesticides. And it’s especially important to use safe materials only in strawberries, which hold the chemicals they’re treated with.

Okay there you have it. Just another reason to go organic, especially with strawberries.


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