Natural Acne Cures

Natural Acne Cures

Having great skin is something everyone wants, but not everyone gets. There is a multi-billion dollar industry built around this market. Simply, many expensive creams, cleansers and astringents don’t work. You are expected to shell out all of this money for a company-manufactured product that does not give you the results you want and deserve.

This lack of fulfillment, along with the health benefits of organic materials, is causing many individuals to look for natural acne cures. People are tired of being misled, and are looking for a healthy, effective and chemically clean way of addressing their skin care regiments.

To begin to address their acne, one must first understand exactly what it is and how it is caused. Put simply, acne is a skin condition in which inflammation results of a variety of factors. Genetics play a big role, as does stress, living conditions, and of course, oils. To combat this, many natural remedies do exist, that don’t involve exposing your skin to harsh chemicals and materials.

Number one: drink a lot of water! This helps cleanse your body, and helps the skin stay refreshed. In keeping with the water theme, be sure to steam your face, to help get excess dirt out of your pores, and therefore not able to clog them. Also, stay away from foods rich in preservatives and sugars. Consuming foods in these categories is a bad idea, as they are full of toxins and commonly cause our skin to break out as retaliation.

Taking a multi-vitamin is imperative. If your skin is breaking out, it means something is off in the inner-workings of your body. That is, something is lacking, or misplaced, and your skin is taking a beating as a result. Another helpful hint is to start stocking up on carrots. Adding vitamin A to your diet is a great way to not only strengthen your skin, but also actually fight off breakouts. The amazing effects of this vitamin are endless. Also, be sure to have a diet abundant in zinc. A common side effect of a zinc deficiency is acne, so be preventative, and formulate a diet plan that incorporates more foods such as peanuts and oysters, which have high levels of zinc.

As far as washing your face goes, try using a water and salt combination. Saltwater is great for washing away excess oil off the face, without drying one’s skin too much. For astringent, use witch hazel, as it will help minimize the appearance of problematic acne blemishes. Tea tree oil can also work wonders on your less than favorable skin condition. These oils can actually kill acne-causing bacteria, and in many studies, tea tree oil works better than benzoyl peroxide and does not include the harsh and uncomfortable side effects. It would also be a beneficial idea to use a honey mask a couple of times a week, as this can help heal certain distracting blemishes and rejuvenate your skin.

Give up on the expensive creams, scrubs and all of those other products that aren’t producing results in your battle against acne. Turn to what really works: Mother Nature. Natural acne cures are healthy, organic, generally less expensive, and best of all, more effective than your standard man-made lines of products that claim to fight acne. Go natural, and reap the benefits!


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