Finally natural cake mixes!

I just found out about a Cake mix company that actually creates Natural cake mixes. They don’t have any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or trans fats. I have yet to taste it, but I hear that it actually is very good cake!

The company is called Naturally Nora and it was founded by a health-conscious mom who decided that there must be a way to make a healthy cake, so she experimented and only used natural ingredients and viola – a business is born.

What Nora says about them…

“I used to make cakes from ordinary boxed mixes. Then one day I learned what was in them! I knew I could make something better and with all-natural ingredients. See the difference for yourself. So I set out to create delicious cakes that my family would love and I could feel good about. Using all-natural ingredients you can’t find anywhere else, I created desserts that I am now delighted to share with you.”

The cake mixes come in five different flavors:

  • Cheerful Chocolate
  • Sunny Yellow
  • A Lot’a Dots (Funfetti!)
  • Cookie Cookie
  • Surprising Stars

Natural cake mixes.png

Natural cake frosting as well…

Nora also came up with a few frosting options as well: Chocolate, A Lot’a Dots, and Vanilla. I know what I am asking for when my birthday rolls around! How about you?

All-natural cake frosting mix.png

You can find Naturally Nora’s products at .


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