10 natural migraine cures

10 Natural Migraine Cures
By Lisa-Anne Sanderson

Migraine ranges from slight headaches to throbbing pain that leaves sufferers incapacitated for days. Symptoms can include dizziness, vomiting and even double vision. It’s often mistaken for sinus headaches. Treatment of migraine is notoriously difficult, but there are completely natural remedies which help in less severe cases.

Here are ten natural migraine cures to try

1. Lie in a darkened room. Glare usually makes migraine worse.

2. An old European treatment is to drink tea with a teaspoon or two of sugar. It’s strange but it can help.

3. Lying down and putting a warm compress on the forehead often soothes the headache.

4. Some doctors suggest placing a compress with ice on the forehead can help the migraine.

5. Alternating hot and cold compresses is worth a try.

6. Putting a few drops of lavender oil on the compress may soothe the headache. Lemon crusts and even cabbage leaves in the compress have also been found to work by some sufferers.

7. Neck stretches or exercise may help.

8. Massage is often an excellent remedy. According to the article, “How to Stop Migraine Pain” at Bottom Line Secrets a good ways to massage is to: “place your thumbs on each side of the spine, in the hollows between the neck muscles just below the base of the skull. Tilt your head back. Press firmly for two to three minutes, breathing deeply as you do”.

Another method the writer describes is to: “press the web between your thumb and forefinger with the thumb and index finger of your opposite hand. Press hard for one minute, breathing deeply. Repeat with the other hand.”

9. Carrot juice with beet or spinach is an old Indian Ayurvedic remedy for migraine.

10. Eating grapes is another Ayurvedic remedy.

It’s probably best to try all of these remedies to see if any work for you. In many cases drugs are necessary as well.


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