New Treatment For Diabetes

Diabetes is rated as the fifth most powerful killer disease after HIV and cancer. In spite of the advances in technical medical research, modern medicine has not found out any cure for diabetes.

You will find that most of these patients continue to suffer the effects of diabetes and develop many complications. It is because the disease is managed only by treating the symptoms with insulin and

Diabetes Complications

The diabetes complications are heart disease, hyper tension, strokes, kidney disease, nerve damage, blindness, and impotence. Treatment by allopathic medicine alone is not enough to prevent these complications.

Latest Root Cause Therapy

A disease resists cure, until we find out its root cause and treat. The fact that diabetes resists cure proves that the underlying root causes for the disease are not found out and treated by the existing

Latest research in applying the findings of quantum physics has enabled a diagnosis and treatment method, which finds out these real deep disorders by scanning the human body energy fields.

Diagnosis by Radio Communications

By establishing radio communication with the intelligence of the human body, what ever is missing in the body energy fields, like a healing frequency or vibration is identified. The diagnosis is done using scientific instruments.

This diagnosis is known as E Diagnosis. It is followed by scientific E Treatment to reconstitute these healing frequencies back into the body energy fields.

Removes Blockages

E Treatment removes the blockages in the energy flow in the meridians and energy channels with in the body. It removes blockages in the lymphatic circuits and nerve signal communications.

Reinforces Results of Allopathic Medicine

In this way the New Treatment for Diabetes Types serves as reinforcement to the allopathic medical procedures in treating diabetes. The patients who take both the treatments get better relief in diabetes.

Non Invasive E Treatment

There is no use of medicines, injections, or harmful radiations in e diagnosis or e treatment. There is no use of electricity or magnetism, and the treatment is one hundred percent non invasive.

No Side Effects

E Treatment for Diabetes Types does not have any side effects. On the other hand, it removes the side effects caused by insulin and other medications used by the patients for diabetes and its complications.

Compatible With All Medical Treatments

By far, E Treatment is the latest treatment giving best results for all types of diabetes. It is compatible with all other medical systems. It finds out root causes which are not at all found out by
allopathic diagnosis.

It is an added plus point in the system that it is able to rectify these root cause disorders effectively by employing principles of advanced quantum physics and advanced molecular biology involving DNA and heredity.

Better Relief For Diabetics

Therefore, there is no doubt that E Diagnosis and E Treatment under the New Treatment for Diabetes Types, are better options for the diabetics, who continue to suffer the evil effects of diabetes complications.

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