The Buzz Over Bee Pollen

Green tea. Ginseng. Fish oil.

These product names are exposed endlessly in health publications as solid additions to a daily diet and they surely deserve a top slot when it comes to taking extra steps to improve your health status. But a new supplement is getting more PR these days and I am having a hard time resisting the “buzz”. Literally.

Bee pollen. Yes, bee pollen.

Worker bees might be known for wedging this goodness within the crooks of their hind legs for safe-keeping but pollen isn’t only for the bees.

Actually referred to as “nature’s perfect food,” bee pollen is said to contain all the nutrients needed to sustain a life. Packed with 22 amino acids and 40% protein, the history behind bee pollen stretches far back to the days of Ancient Egyptians and their herbal remedies.

Commonly taken by athletes to increase endurance levels, this supplement can provide any average individual with a variety of health benefits not to be missed out on.

Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein, all in one. This food absolutely is the “bees knees”.

The Benefits of Bee Pollen

Revved Metabolism

Bee pollen contains lecithin. Lecithin is a substance that not only stimulates the metabolic processes but it also flushes fat cells from the body. Recently more individuals have begun taking bee pollen as a dietary supplement that is considered to be both natural and safe.

Increased Energy

Bee pollen has long been used in Chinese medicine to boost nutrition and increase energy. The energy increase comes from the high concentrations of the B vitamin complex, along with Vitamins A, C, D, and E packed in. A large number of athletes testify to using bee pollen to increase energy levels, performance and stamina.

Increased immunity

Studies that tested bee pollen on both humans and animals showed that immunity overall to sickness and disease was decreased through the supplement. Adding bee pollen to a diet relieved constipation and diarrhea within subjects and also helped to calm down hyperactive patients. Bee pollen has been known to increase blood hemoglobin and reduce stress levels.

The Mother of All Remedies

Bee pollen is a cure all remedy for all sorts of symptoms, from the runny nose to the stomach bug. Bee pollen is an exceptional addition to a diet, especially to gain more nutrients that are often eliminated in processed foods.

Bee pollen supplements can be found in health food stores, most commonly in the form of capsules. Before taking bee pollen individuals should make sure they have no serious allergies.

Photo by Scott Kinmartin


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