Onno Organic Clothing Review

The Onno Bamboo/Cotton T-Shirt

The nice folks from Onno Clothing sent me a t-shirt to try out. To be fair, this is not just your standard cotton t-shirt – this is a premium, eco-friendly, and all-in-all pretty awesome t-shirt.

The one they sent me was made from 70% viscose from organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton it is pretty stinkin’ soft. It is stretchy, but not too stretchy and fits great. I was pleased to find out that the shirt really didn’t shrink at all after washing. I often have this problem with most t-shirts that I buy, but that was not the case with this one.

Onno Organic Bamboo Clothing t-shirtI also often get annoyed when a t-shirt is too short and I start to look like I am trying to show off my (lack of) six-pack abs. The Onno shirt I got is really just about the perfect length. It falls about 2 inches below my belt line – which is perfect for me.

I normally don’t pay much for t-shirts (rarely over $10), and the Onno shirt costs $26, so in the past I probably wouldn’t have bought one, but after this shirt has become my hands-down favorite – I will be buying more in the future.

This was a review that I was happy to write because Onno offers eco-friendly products that genuinely are comfortable.

More about Onno Organic Clothing

If you visit the Onno website, you can spend a while reading about all the features of bamboo and hemp  – which they use both in their t-shirt production.

According to the Onno website…

Our bamboo t-shirts are fuss-free. ONNO bamboo t-shirts are pre-washed, so you won’t have to worry about shrinkage. Just toss it in your washer, your dryer and back on your body. ONNO bamboo t-shirts are tough, so you can be assured your shirt will look and feel like a million bucks from day one to day 5,689,890,987.

and Bamboo is a very tough material…

Not only is bamboo the fastest growing plant, but it’s strong. Bamboo is winning a lot of heavyweight titles. It’s stronger than oak; it can kick oak’s butt. It’s the most durable hardwood. If you throw a little lamination on it, bamboo is almost as strong as soft steel. It can withstand 52,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

So, if you are looking for a good t-shirt, check out Onno.


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