Natural Antifungals

Candida. Yeast infection. Jock itch. Athlete’s foot. Thrush. Ringworm. Different words for the same beast—fungus. We’ve all been affected. But what do we do about it? A quick search through that big superstore we all love to avoid shows products up to $18 a tube. But do they really work? And what are the possible […]

How Scents Can Affect Your Health

Your sense of smell is one of your greatest assets when it comes to your natural health. You may not realize it but scent not only helps you to enjoy life more, it enhances your well being. If you lose your sense of smell, it may affect your quality of life, in addition to affecting […]

How to Make Your Own Chai Tea

I recently discovered my husband trying to look up “chai” in my herb books. He wanted to know the health benefits of drinking his morning cup of chai tea. He didn’t realize that chai is not an herb—but rather a blend of spices. Also known as chai masala, this Indian spiced beverage is now popular […]

Health of Chocolate In Aromatherapy

My love affair with chocolate began at a early age and as an aromatherapist I have been trying to combine both the benefits of chocolate and aromatherapy, in a natural way, for a couple of years! Although there are many products out there with synthetic chocolate aromas, some of which do resemble the aroma of […]

Learn To Eat Local, Organic Food And Transition from Factory Food

I haven’t always eaten a healthy, organic, fanatically local diet. In fact, I don’t now. I do what I can, when I can; and I try not to feel guilty about the rest. But the one obstacle I hear regularly when I counsel someone to make dietary changes is that they cannot afford it. I […]

5 of the Most Popular Spices and Their Uses

As the winter evenings grow longer, we traditionally start to think of things that make us feel warm, happy and healthy! Culinary spices often fall into this category, particularly as spices are often added to various celebratory dishes. However, spices have medicinal benefits too. Five of the most popular spices that are used during the […]

Food, Inc. Movie Review

I know Food, Inc. has been out for a while. However, our family is so slow at getting to movies that I just watched Food, Inc. while we were on Staycation. This movie made such an impact on our thinking that I wanted to share it with you here. Prior to viewing, I did already […]