What does tap water contain? (Day 4)

Apparently 2 billion pounds of pesticides are used on our agriculture each year! Which with 250 million Americans, that equates to about 8 pounds of pesticides for each of us! And as you could have guessed, those pesticides go into the ground and streams and make their way into municipal water supplies.

3 more reasons to drink a lot of water! (Day 3)

Slows Aging According to Colbert, “water does rejuvenate your skin, which can make you look years younger”. So the whole “fountain of youth” thing is kinda true! If you compare your skin to fruit, what happens when you dehydrate grapes? Raisins? What about plums? You get prunes right? Thinking about it that way makes it […]

What you should do if you are forced to take the Swine Flu vaccination

I found this video, it is actually a series of videos, but this one specifically gives steps we should take if we are forced into mandatory vaccinations…

Why water is essential to our health (Day 1)

Water: The essential health  ingredient This chapter was interesting to read. I had no idea just HOW important is is to drink water. It really is one of the simplest things we can start doing to live a healthy life. Don emphasized over and over again how many patients he helped cure of a wide […]

The Seven Pillars of Health – 50 Day Challenge

Have you ever heard of Don Colbert’s Seven Pillars of Health? He is a well-respected author who has written a ton of health books about natural health. He has something going for him that a lot of other natural health professionals don’t have going for them: he is a medical doctor as well. I get […]

True Lemon Packets Review

As you may already know there are many health benefits of drinking lemon water. Squeezing a little lemon into your glass of water is one of the best ways to start working your way to an alkaline body. So the True Lemon folks created a way to simplify the process by turning the lemon juice into crystallized lemon in a packet form. It makes it a lot easier to take it with you when you are not at home.

How to properly cook rice in a rice cooker

Tips for using a Rice Cooker Written by Allison Whitehead Rice is one of the few foods that doesn’t cook faster in the microwave… but it’s still well worth buying a microwaveable rice cooker, as it virtually guarantees perfect fluffy rice every time. Try these handy tips to improve your cooked rice dishes… Make sure […]