What to do if you get the swine flu

These are some of the common and easy things you can do if you get the swine flu…

50 Alkaline producing foods

This is a list of of a bunch of strongly alkaline foods that are great to eat!!

Restoring pH balance in the body

One of the best ways we can improve our health is by restoring pH balance in our bodies…

How To Make your own natural toothpaste

Steps to making your own natural toothpaste – it is so cheap and easy!

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine…”

boy oh boy has it taken a while for this to begin to come to pass? It looks to me that western society is just beginning to understand what Edison was referring to. But sadly, the vast majority of the western world is still in the cycle of applying “band-aids” to their major health problems.

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Cocoa

If you want the health benefits of cocoa with fewer of the potential drawbacks, it’s best to consume as pure of a formulation of cocoa as possible with the lowest calorie content. Plus, it’s probably best to alternate chocolate and cocoa intake with green tea, red wine, and other health sources of antioxidants to maximize benefits with fewer negative effects. The conclusion? Dark chocolate and unprocessed cocoa powder can be a positive addition to a healthy diet if chosen and used wisely.

The most important organic fruits and vegetables to buy

The list points out which fruits and veggies are filled with contaminants and pesticides and should be purchased Organic (or avoided) and which ones are pretty well okay to buy conventional.