The 4 Main Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

The 4 Main Health Benefits Of Liquid ChlorophyllI can imagine you now, blinking at the title of this post. “Chlorophyll?” you ask yourself. “Isn’t that something that plants need? I think they told me about it in grade school.” You’re correct! Chlorophyll is often called the “blood” of plant life and is one of the leading components in photosynthesis. It’s what gives plants their distinctive green color. Of course you’re a flesh-and-blood human, not a plant, but ever since a couple of researchers from the University of Florida discovered how to properly preserve chlorophyll, we’ve been able to harness its properties to benefit humankind as well. Starting out mainly as food-coloring, chlorophyll in liquid form has since become a popular dietary supplement for some very good reasons.

1. It replenishes your bloodstream

You know about hemoglobin, right? No, he wasn’t the villain in the Spiderman comics. We’re talking about what Wikipedia describes as “the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of vertebrates.” Basically, it’s the substance in your blood that gets oxygen and iron to all the right places in your body, and in fact aside from water it’s the largest component within your blood.

Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is nearly exactly that of hemoglobin – the only difference is that instead of iron chlorophyll contains magnesium. The components of chlorophyll get redistributed in the body to replenish blood cells, and that means oxygen gets more quickly and evenly distributed in your body, which in turn means you’ll be feeling more alert, energized and focused.

2. It aids muscle building

We’re starting to see liquid chlorophyll appear more and more often in fitness and bodybuilding nutrition retailers, and that’s because its aforementioned blood replenishing abilities also mean that blood is going to be pumping much more into muscle tissue. We already told you liquid chlorophyll is made up of magnesium, but it also has iron, vitamin C and K, folic acid, and protein which are all vital ingredients in strengthening and maintaining healthy muscle tissue. It might not make you Arnold overnight, but chlorophyll can make your workouts more effective for sure.

3. It cleanses the body

I dislike the nebulous term “toxins” because of its use in any number of silly health products products (remember those detox foot pads?), but chlorophyll’s been found to accelerate the removal of waste in the body, and that’s always a good thing. It removes old material in the liver, eliminates bacteria in the colon, and eats up heavy metals that could potentially form kidney stones. You’ll be getting over sickness faster – not to mention you’re more likely to be regular!

4. It makes you smell better

Of all the health benefits of liquid chlorophyll, probably the most immediate and tangible is that it just makes you smell better. Seriously! Chlorophyll is a certified deodorizer mainly because of the cleansing aspects already explained above: having a clean digestive tract means there’s less nasty stuff in your body to stink up your breath, and the less waste in your body, the less likely your sweat will contain body odor. In fact, many liquid chlorophyll supplements advertise themselves primarily as an internal deodorant!

Liquid chlorophyll is widely available online and at nutritional stores for great prices: usually between $7 – 10. It’s easy to take advantage of liquid chlorophyll’s benefits. It won’t make you green, though, which I guess depending on your point of view could be a good or bad thing.


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