The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride deception Video

Should you avoid fluoride?

I grew up drinking tap water and always thought, “well I am still alive, so it must be okay.” But, the sad truth is that so many people just overlook things if it doesn’t kill them instantaneously – being killed from something over decades seems to be much more politically correct.

This is an interesting video that should be watched if you are on the fence with the whole flouride issue.

If you have asked your dentist about this issue, he probably writes it off as nonsense because it is true that Fluoridated water has improved the oral health of many in the US. But the question that has to be asked is oral health more important that other areas of health. Is our overall health worth sacrificing because fluoride does help prevent cavities? What if bleach was found to prevent cavities – would that be okay to use as mouthwash?

Anyway, I will end my rant 😉 – Check out the video…

The Fluoride Deception Video

“DR. Monteith goes over the history of fluoride, its use, its dangers and its promotion over time. Why something that is rejected by so many nations is promoted here in the USA. Learn about the Hidden Agenda behind the use of Fluoride, who’s behind it and the real purpose behind its use.”


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