The Health Benefits of Yoga

The Health Benefits Of Yoga
For many years, the medical and science communities have been studying the benefits that the ancient practice of Yoga may have for the modern human body. The positive results of the research increases with each year. And the health and well-being of those that include Yoga as part of their lives improves as well.

People who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma have been able to reduce the severity of their symptoms by implementing the breathing techniques learned in Yoga. The breathing control that Yoga provides helps to calm the nerves and relax the muscles that constrict the lungs and cause shortness of breath.

Yoga exercises and breathing have also been recognized in the treatment of high blood pressure, weight loss and control, arthritis, pain relief, and even mood and mental disorders. Yoga is a relaxation method; it is also an excellent metabolism stimulator. The physical activity of stretching the muscles increases our energy level, limbers the muscles, relieves stress and tension on the joints, and enhances the blood flow. All of those things combine to improve the persons attitude, mental clarity and focus, and overall general health. The proper breathing induced by Yoga also works toward better health by regulating the intake of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide. The exercises and breathing encourage the release of toxins from within the human bodys cells, tissues, and muscles. It is also believed that Yoga meditation and practices stimulate brain development. Participants in several studies have acknowledged increased concentration and mental awareness.

The philosophy behind yoga is one that encourages and supports personal and community peace and harmony. By learning to find greater happiness and health within oneself it is easier to cope with the world we live in. Thereby creating a natural joy and inner strength that affect everyone around us as well.


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