True Lemon Packets Review

true lemon packetsThe nice folks from True Lemon sent me a bunch of packets to review. In fact, they not only sent me the True Lemon packets, but also the True Orange and True Lime packets as well. Before I get into what I thought about them, I will explain what they are.

As you may already know there are many health benefits of drinking lemon water. Squeezing a little lemon into your glass of water is one of the best ways to start restoring PH balance to your body. So the True Lemon folks created a way to simplify the process by turning the lemon juice into crystallized lemon in a packet form. It makes it a lot easier to take it with you when you are not at home.

According to the True Lemon website:

Each serving provides:

  • Consistent fresh lemon or lime taste without any mess, waste or inconvenience;
  • 100 percent all natural ingredients including fresh lemon or lime juices and oils;
  • 0 calories and 0g carbohydrates;
  • No artificial or natural sweeteners;
  • No preservatives or sodium; and
  • Offers 25 percent of an adult’s daily Vitamin C requirements.

True Lemon and True Lime have been embraced by people across the country including:

  • Lemon and lime lovers who like the products’ convenience;
  • People who are tired of throwing away unused fresh lemons and limes;
  • Home chefs;
  • Professional chefs and caterers;
  • People on-the-go;
  • Campers, backpackers and hikers;
  • Runners and cyclists;
  • Extreme sports devotees;
  • Boaters and sailors;
  • Frequent travelers;
  • Those who want to increase their water consumption;
  • People avoiding artificial or natural sweeteners
  • People looking to reduce sodium in their diet; and
  • People with diabetes, hypertension and other health-related conditions.

My thoughts about the True Lemon products

  • I have to be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first. I was thinking this was going to be similar to a Kool-Aid packet with a bunch of artificial junk, but they are made from all natural ingredients. As far as taste goes, I really can’t tell the difference between a fresh lemon squeeze and the packets.
  • The lime packets tasted like what I would expect lime to taste like in a beverage. I can’t recall the last time I had fresh lime in a drink, but it tasted fine.
  • The True Orange on the other hand was pretty bad. It tastes a lot more like the orange peel than actually having a sprinkle or orange juice added. I would avoid it and stick with the True Lemon or Lime products. They are clearly better in my opinion.

Have you tried the True Lemon packets yet? What did you think?


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