The Health Benefits Of Lycopene

The Health Benefits Of Lycopene
The health benefits associated with the powerful red substance known as lycopene are vast. This tasty antioxidant can help keep the human body healthy and protect against harmful damage caused by free radicals that are constantly plaguing the body. Doctors have been touting the benefits for years but new research has proven they are even better than we once thought.


Which foods contain lycopene?

Lycopene is a naturally occurring substance found in tomatoes, red carrots, watermelons, grapefruits and papaya. This nutrient is not necessarily a requirement for the human body, but it can certainly help the body fight off a number of illnesses. Doctors recommend lycopene as a prevention method against several types of cancers. Prevention is the only method that can give a 100 percent guarantee.

Doctors believe the positive results from a high lycopene diet are because of the antioxidant properties. Cancer cells develop when they are exposed to free radicals that are all around us. Lycopene acts as a line of defense and helps to strengthen those cells that are being attacked thus preventing some cancers and other illnesses associated with cell degeneration.

Lycopene and Cancer

Lycopene is believed to be very powerful against prostate and breast cancers. Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Edward Giovannuci has found proof that tomatoes actually interrupt breast tumor cells. This can help reduce the spread of tumors and limit the growth of established tumors. It is believed to help prevent several other types of cancers including skin, stomach and cervix.

This antioxidant can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well. Lycopene can help lower bad cholesterol levels. This powerful little red substance helps break down LDL cholesterol. People that suffer from high cholesterol levels are usually lacking in the natural liver enzymes that are used to break down and get rid of the LDLs. A lycopene boost can help the body get a person’s cholesterol levels back in line. Of course, it is important to follow a healthy diet as well. Lycopene is not that powerful, it cannot combat a daily diet that includes greasy cheeseburgers.

Skin cells can also benefit from a diet filled with lycopene. We are exposed to harmful UV rays every day. As we age our skin begins to wither and some people will develop age spots. Our skin is an intricate part of our body’s defense that is often abused. Skin cells are constantly being hit with radiation from everyday appliances, the sun and harmful pollutants in our atmosphere. Lycopene is not the fountain of youth, but it can help limit the damage.

Many scientists and doctors support a diet high in tomato sauce and cooked tomato products. It is a proven fact that those who eat a diet filled with tomato dishes have a lower rate of cancer incidents. If tomatoes are not your thing, there are supplements available.

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  1. Lycopene is an excellent carotenoid and should be consumed regularly. It is a plant pigment that acts as a natural sunblock for one thing. There are other benefits as well that were covered.
    However, your take on cholesterol needs to be corrected. There is no such thing as bad cholesterol. I don’t care if it’s a household term in use everywhere. It is a false belief. You vilify LDL as though it is a toxic substance. The liver does not “break down and get rid of the LDLs”. That is ridiculous. If you knew what LDLs are and their function in the body, you would not have made that statement. LDL, VLDL, and HDL ARE NOT CHOLESTEROL! Period. LDL’s role is to return cholesterol (from every cell and tissue) to the liver for recycling. We need LDL or we could not survive. I repeat: WE NEED LDL! The problem stems from our poor diets void of enough anti-oxidants that would help prevent the oxidation of the smaller LDL molecules that make them rancid and sticky-adding to our assault on our arterial walls that have been damaged from too much HOMOCYSTEINE in the blood. Do the research and stop perpetuating the cholesterol myth. It is only adding to our ignorance resulting in taking toxic, needless, and useless drugs which have many nasty side effects and have caused untold health problems and a condition known as hypocholesterolemia (too little cholesterol!). Stop falling for these myths people! And stay the hell away from doctors.

  2. One more thing. Carrots are not a good source of Lycopene, if they have any at all. High in Beta Carotene, yes.

  3. I jumped the gun on carrots not containing lycopene. The article stated “red” carrots which do. The vast majority of carrots we see though are the orange variety, which do not.

  4. I couldnt agree more Doug. My mother’s doctor scared my mom when he found out her Cholesterol was too high. He immediately prescribed a statin drug although she asked what she could do naturally to correct it. I got my mom on a high monounsaturated fat diet consisting of mainly nuts, seeds and flaxseed and told her to stop taking the statin drug completely. After 2 months my mom went back and told the doctor she didnt take the drugs but followed some other natural guidelines given by me. He was completely shocked by her results, he almost couldnt believe it. I don’t have specific stats in front of me but LDL dropped immensely and her HDL increased, triglycerides dropped. It’s our western diet thats raising our cholesterol. I also do believe we need cholesterol but I dont believe it should be linked with cardiovascular disease. Studies have also shown people with extremely low LDL cholesterol levels are more prone to getting cancer. My advise for people to avoid doctors: Eat good. Eat organic. Spending a little more money on food is well worth the savings of staying out of the doctors office. You’ll feel way better, trust me. As someone who has suffered from chronic sinus infections year round to not getting them at all and actually being able to breathe out of my nose, I appreciate what it has done for me and my family.

  5. Tarandeep singh says:


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