What Types of Food Do Vegans Eat

There are several types of vegetarians that includes vegetables and/or fruit plus grains and other nutritional foods:

  • Lacto vegetarian: Along with plants, this vegetarian will include dairy products such as cheese and milk but does not eat eggs.
  • Ovo vegetarian: An ovo vegetarian eats eggs but abstains from all dairy products.
  • Lacto-Ovo vegetarian: Eats both eggs and dairy products.
  • Fruitarian: Fruitarians eat a strict diet of only fruits, nuts, and seeds. Not only is meat, dairy products, and eggs excluded from their diet but vegetables are as well.
  • Total vegetarian: Eats only plant food and does not eat any food that comes from an animal which includes all red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, and even honey.
  • Vegan: A vegan omits all animal products from their diets. As well, a vegan does not use any product that is made from an animal such as leather, silk, or wool.

fruits and vegetablesSo if a vegan does not eat any type of meat, dairy product, or eggs then what do they eat besides vegetables?

Being a vegan takes a little forethought in order to eat healthy. In fact, they have their own food pyramid! Foods high in protein and essential amino acids are very important. Good vegetarian sources are legumes, nuts, seeds, soy products such as tofu, whole grains, wheat products like bread or cereal, lentils, brown rice, and quinoa. An excellent supplement is brewers yeast, it is one of the highest known sources of complete protein.

A balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes can offer an wide array of meals. Many entrées can be designed around a protein source that can be simple or exquisite. In fact, a vegan diet has become quite popular and many health food stores offer a vegan selection of frozen foods, vegan deli soy meats, rice and soy cheeses, soups, and even desserts like ice cream made from soy and sweetened with fruit concentrate.

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Steel cut oats sweetened with fruit or raisins with soy or rice milk.
  • Pancakes with applesauce
  • Smoothie: a blended mixture of soy or rice milk, banana, soy yogurt, fresh fruit, and brewers yeast if desired.
  • Bagel with unsweetened jam or jelly
  • Tofu scrambled with herbs and spices topped with soy cheese

Lunch Ideas:

  • A grilled open faced sandwich with soy cheese, onion, sprouts, and avocado
  • Vegan deli soy meats served on rye bread or wheat
  • Tostadas with black beans, soy cheese, avocado, onion, and salsa
  • Vegetarian pizza with or without soy cheese plus favorite toppings
  • Spiced hummus with pita bread and vegetables for dipping

Dinner Ideas:

  • Chili topped with soy cheese and onions served with cornbread
  • Italian stew with tomato base, pasta, vegetables, Italian spices topped with soy parmesan
  • Linguini with soy or rice cream sauce, mushrooms, and basil
  • Manicotti stuffed with soy or rice cheese, blended tofu, Italian spices, onion, mushrooms and baked in tomato sauce
  • Chow mein with pan fried noodles and stir fried vegetables
  • Gluten Free Lemon Pasta

Dessert Ideas:

  • Soy or rice ice cream
  • Rice pudding sweetened with currents and/or apple juice concentrate
  • Exotic fruit bowl with soy yogurt
  • Vegan brownies with or without nuts
  • Vegan cookies
  • Peach cobbler ala mode, sweetened with apple juice concentrate
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