Where To Buy Organic Tea

The world of tea is massive. The many varieties of tea can be overwhelming. The main types of tea are white, green, oolong, and black. You also have organic and herbal teas. Teas can contain caffeine or they can be caffeine free. But, there is no doubt. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea in the morning, no matter which season is in play. It can be as hot as the sun, and drinking a hot cup of tea can still hit the spot.

Most people know that food that is grown organically can have many benefits. Not only is eating organic food great for your health, it also benefits the environment. Food that is organic is grown with less water usage, less energy usage, and uses no pesticides. Did you know that tea can be organic also? Some people tend to think this type of tea is the same as herbal tea. Not so. It may seem surprising, but herbal teas aren’t really teas. Herbal teas are referred to as being infusions, or tisanes, and are an effective and easy way of extracting the flavor from the parts of herbs called the aerial. These infusions are made up of dried or fresh leaves, seeds, flowers, soft stems, or rods.

So What Exactly Is Organic Tea?

Just like organic food, teas that are organically grown use less water, less energy, less fertilizer, and no pesticides. The tea plant is grown in a free-range area, and the farmers use certain methods, including crop rotation, composting, and inter-planting (replenish the soil, control pests and weeds, and maintains the planet’s health), to ensure the plant thrives naturally.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Tea That Is Organic?

There are many benefits to drinking tea that has been grown organically. This type of tea has been said to prevent certain types of cancer. They can also lessen a person’s chance of cardiovascular problems, and decrease the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Another benefit is that these teas have less caffeine than coffee does. If you’ve ever noticed the feeling of shakiness or anxiousness after drinking a cup of coffee, that’s due to the caffeine. Certain teas do have caffeine in them, but they don’t leave you feeling jittery at all. Certain types of teas, such as black teas, can help prevent dental issues including cavities.

Where To Buy Organic Tea

Starwest Botanicals – Starwest Botanicals first started in Sacramento, CA in 1975. This is a site where you can not only buy tea that is organic, but other organic items as well, including herbs and spices. The great thing about this site is that if you find a tea you really love, you can buy it in bulk. You can stock up and have plenty of tea whenever you get a craving.

Arbor Teas – Arbor Teas was created by a husband and wife team who are passionate about tea. All of the teas that are offered on this site are organically made and are both USDA certified and three quarters of their tea products are Fair Trade Certified.

Mighty Leaf Tea – At Mighty Leaf Tea, you’ll find teas that are organic and non-organic. Mighty Leaf Tea is another company that was started by a husband and wife couple. This company is based out of San Francisco on Filmore Street.

Teavana – Teavana got underway in Atlanta, GA, and since they first opened, the company has expanded all over the United States and Mexico. A special note about Teavana is they give 1% of their annual income to an organization called CARE(an organization that fights against global poverty).

Not all of these sites is strictly for teas that are organic. You may have to do a search for “organic” to get a list of teas. All of the sites do a great job at explaining the different types of tea that are available. It makes it difficult to choose just one place to buy from. All of the different flavors of tea and the never ending combinations of flavors you can create at home will prompt anyone to become a tea drinker. The health benefits of tea that is organically made is just another incentive to give these sites a try.

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