Why do organic foods cost more than non-organic?

why-are-organic-foods-more-money-than-non-organic If you have ever priced organic and conventional foods, it quickly becomes apparent that organic foods cost considerably more money – sometimes a whole lot more than the conventional (non-organic) foods.

So why do they cost more money?

  1. The main reason is that sadly the chemicals used by conventional farmers often increase yields, hardiness, sizes, and even cosmetic beauty of many of the crops. Without all those artificial benefits from the chemicals, it just makes it a more time-consuming, costly, and all around difficult process. So as basic business sense would suggest, if the farmer has to invest more time, energy, and money into farming the crops, he will have to pass along those costs to the customer as well.
  2. Becoming a certified “organic” farmer can be an expensive process as well. I have run across many farmers that use Organic farming methods, but have not gotten the seal of approval, due to the cost and time constraints of doing so.


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