Yoga and Migraines

Just a couple weeks ago, I had the worst headache that I can remember having. As it worsened, I laid on the couch covering my eyes and the nausea increased. By the time I went to bed, the nightlight caused me to cringe because it intensified the pain so much.

So a few days ago when I started to have another headache that looked like it could resemble a migraine, I took my wife’s advice; Yoga.

Doing yoga was about the last thing I wanted to do, but my wife swore by it as her natural healing method for migraines or any other headaches.

I gave it a shot and within 15 minutes, just about all of the pain was gone! I am not really sure why it works, but my wife says it works just about every time she tries it. It worked for me, so I will try it again next time I feel a headache coming on and I will draw my conclusions from that…


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