3 Zero VOC Paint Companies I found

3 Zero VOC Paint Companies I FoundMy wife and I are planning on doing a lot of painting when we move into our new house so we have been looking through and comparing some of the healthy (low or zero VOC) paints that we are finding out there.

Mythic Non-toxic Paint

  • Web: http://www.mythicpaint.com/
  • Where to buy: Can’t tell where dealers are located, but you can buy online.
  • Color Palette: 1,232 colors
  • Cost per gallon: $51 (free shipping on all orders in the US)

A little bit more about Mythic from their website…

No toxic gasses that leak off into your home up to six years after application. No VOCs that can harm your family and deplete the ozone – nothing but gorgeous colors and peace of mind. So now you can go inside and get some fresh air. It is estimated that 10% of the ozone depleting substances in the urban United States come from paints and other surface coatings. The majority of these substances are VOCs or volatile organic compounds and they are the cause of not only thinning ozone but also the rise in global warming and increased respiratory related diseases and cancer. Fortunately for the planet now we have Mythic Paint –the World’s first high performance, zero-toxin, zero-VOC paint. So now we can enjoy both our beautifully decorated homes and our beautiful planet.

FreshAire no VOC paint

According to the Freshaire people, their paint and tints contain no VOCs. They go on to explain… “Although other paints may claim to have no VOCs, what they don’t tell you is that these chemicals are put back into the paint once the color is added.”

Green Planet zero VOC and truly “green” paint

  • Web: http://www.greenplanetpaints.com/
  • Where to buy: Buy online or via some of dealers across the US – only in 10 states
  • Color Palette: 48 colors
  • Cost per gallon: $55

According to Green Planet Paints they are different from other chemical free paints…

“Most paint companies, in attempting to “green” their paints, have focused on the human health aspects, removing particular additives so as to meet low and zero VOC criteria established by the EPA. Yet their paints are still petroleum-based, with pigment, binder and additive remaining synthetic.”

Benjamin Moore Natura odorless, no VOC paint

A little of what the Natura website says about it…

It is virtually odorless, has Zero VOC’s, is 100% Acrylic, Spatter-resistant, and carries the Green Promise designation.

natura zero VOC green paint.png

Have you tried any of these eco-friendly paints? If so did you like it?


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