Making Rolled Beeswax Candles 101

Making Rolled Beeswax Candles 101
Who doesn’t love rolled beeswax candles? They’re so beautiful, and they give off such a wonderful scent. They smell great even when they’re not lit. And when they are lit, the scent drifts through the entire house. Plus, there are so many health benefits to beeswax candles. You might think it’s difficult to make your own beeswax candle. It might not have even occurred to you that you can make your own. But it’s really not as difficult as you might think. Rolled beeswax candles come in all different sizes. Some can be short and plump, others can be long and slender. Here is an instructional guide on making rolled beeswax candles 101.

What You Need

  1. Beeswax sheets – typically come in 8”x16” sheets
  2. Primed wick
  3. Matt knife or any other sharp knife – a razor blade also works well, or even a paring knife
  4. A proper cutting surface – a regular cutting board can do the trick

Once you’ve got your supplies ready to go, the fun part begins.

Step 1

Make sure the sheet of beeswax is pliable and soft. If the sheet is too cool, it will be brittle, and could crack or break as you’re rolling it. You can use a hair dryer to get the sheet a bit warmer. Another trick to get it more pliable is to boil a post of water, and hold the sheet over the steam. Just a small amount of heat is necessary. If it gets too hot, the beeswax sheet could melt. Once the sheet is pliable, roll it out on your cutting surface.

Step 2

Cut your wick about ¾ of an inch to 1 inch longer that the beeswax sheet. If you want an even longer wick, that’s fine. If it gets any longer than 2 inches, the wick might start to sag, and not stand straight.

Step 3

Lay the wick straight along one edge of the sheet of beeswax. Fold the beeswax sheet about an inch over the wick and apply some pressure to the sheet. This will ensure that the beeswax is secure around the wick. After this point, you won’t have to apply much pressure.

Step 4

Gently begin to roll the sheet of beeswax, rolling both ends of the wick at the same time. Roll the sheet very slowly making sure the ends are even, and that the sheet doesn’t begin to crack or break.

Step 5

Once you reach the end of the beeswax sheet, gently press that edge into the wall of the candle. When the beeswax is warm, it has certain properties that allow it to hold the shape without having to use any adhesives.

Step 6

Trim the wick at the bottom of the candle so it is flush and not poking out. Trim the wick at the top to your desired length.

You now have a rolled beeswax candle ready for use. This guide to making rolled beeswax candles 101 is simple and effective. If you want a thicker candle, lay out another sheet of beeswax and continue to roll. If you want a slimmer candle, use less of the sheet. Rolling your own beeswax candles is a fun craft that you can do alone, or have your kids help you with. This could be a fun arts and crafts project at a birthday party, a bridal shower, or even a baby shower. Getting everyone involved is a fun way to bond, and the end result is well worth it. After everyone has made their candle, light them up and turn off the lights. Enjoy the glow and the scent of your work. Everyone has a take home candle that will last for quite a while.


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