Queen Bee Raw Honey Review

Occasionally we at NHE get the opportunity to review some natural products that small companies send us and recently we got a batch of raw honey from the folks at Queen Bee Raw Honey.

I was particularly excited to the get the batch because as we have written about before there are some great health benefits of raw honey. If that weren’t good enough the honey I got from Queen Bee was Creamed Cinnamon raw honey which tasted as good as you can imagine. We eat a lot of honey in our house and went through the jar pretty quick. I found it to be great melted on toast and waffles.

They also sent us a jar of the Orange Blossom honey that my wife said had the best flavor she had ever tasted. So I don’t know what they are feeding the bees out their way, but it is working!

Oh and if you are interested in experimenting they are rolling out a creamed chocolate flavor soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

You can find out more about Queen Bee Raw Honey at their website.



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