Natural Cures For Insomnia


Insomnia can affect anyone no mater their age, or gender. Insomnia can occur at any time during a person’s lifetime. Having a hard time getting to sleep can not only be frustrating, but can be dangerous as well. A lack of sleep can cause a person to have a diminished attention span, slower reaction time, and can cause mood swings and irritability. There are natural cures for insomnia that anybody can try. These natural cures include setting up your bedroom for sleep, changing your diet, having a consistent exercise routine, and relaxation techniques. It is always best to seek a doctor’s advice when starting any type of exercise routine.

Natural Cures For InsomniaOne of the most simple natural cures for insomnia is to set up a bedroom the proper way. A bedroom should be used for sleeping and sexual activities only. Televisions and computers should be kept out of the bedroom area as these things are distracting and the light protected from the screens can keep you awake. Phones and cell phones should also not be kept in the bedroom. Digital clocks should be turned away from the bed and the display light should be dimmed. Watching the clock can prohibit sleep and can cause anxiety worrying about how much time is remaining until the alarm goes off.

Another of the many natural cures for insomnia is to change diet habits. The way a person eats and drinks can affect the way they sleep. Drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and evening hours has a drastic effect on the ability to get to sleep. Coffee, soda, and tea are the obvious culprits here, but there are other substances that are ingested that contain caffeine and can hinder sleep as well. These include chocolate, and over the counter medications such as cold medicine and cough syrup. It’s also a good idea to limit sweets. Sugar can give an initial surge of energy, and although the energy is short lived, excess sugar can cause blood sugar levels to be erratic.

There are foods that can help induce sleep. Tryptophan, found in milk and turkey can promote the flow of melatonin to the brain and causes sleepiness. Foods high in magnesium, such as almonds, wheat bran, and dark leafy green vegetables can help with insomnia. Certain types of teas have a calming effect. Chamomile tea is known to bring about sleep. This herb can reduce the effects of anxiety, as well as relieving muscle tension and ease the digestive system. Certain other herbs can promote sleep as well, including valerian, melatonin, and kava.

Exercise and having a before bed stretching routine are other natural cures for insomnia. If a person doesn’t get exercise, this can lead to muscle tension which can in turn lead to a build up of stress in the body. Exercise promotes a deeper kind of sleep, due to the fact that this is time muscles repair themselves. It’s best to exercise in the morning or early afternoon hours, as exercising in the evening can raise adrenaline levels and will keep a person up. A great way to stay limber and also relax is to practice yoga in the evening. Yoga focuses on breathing and stretching.

Along with yoga, there are other relaxation techniques that are great ways to bring about a calm state of mind and help to relieve insomnia. Visualization, relaxation techniques, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation are known to help relieve anxiety and help with insomnia.

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