5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Well During the Winter Months

5 Tips To Stay Healthy And Well During The Winter Months
1. Wash your hands.

The winter months are the peak periods for colds and flu. Often the bacteria or viruses associated with these maladies enter our bodies through our hands. Doorknobs, handrails, shopping carts and objects that receive handling by many people are teeming with germs. One should wash their hands often and in-between avoid touching one’s eyes, nose or mouth. This is the best defense against many winter ailments.

2. Dress properly for conditions.

Winter produces damp conditions in the form of freezing rain, snow or cold blustery winds. Wear several layers of clothes to protect yourself and don’t forget that proper footwear is prudent, not only to protect one from the cold, but to avoid slipping on often wet or icy surfaces that abound in winter

3. Maintain an exercise schedule.

Winter often results in pounds being added to our bodies because we are often less active. If you are unable to get outside, there are a wide variety of exercise machines that are modestly priced and will promote exercise at home. If you go to a local gym, insure that you observe tip #1.

4. Stay warm, but not hot at home.

The tendency during the cold months is to turn up the thermostat in the evenings when going to bed. The fact is that cooler temperatures promote more healthy and restful sleep. A setting of about 68 degrees is optimum with settings no higher than 70.

5. Socialize.

Longer periods of darkness and frequent dismal weather conditions often make us withdraw into our homes. Sometimes our emotional health can suffer during the winter months. Healthy human interaction is often the remedy for the winter blahs! Laughter, smiles and good conversation will make winter seem shorter and our emotional well-being is just as critical as our physical needs.


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