Little Known Ways to Improve your Walking Technique

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You can predict a runner who will win the race by simply observing his hip. The more control you have over you hips, the better the chances you have to win the race. But really, if you can’t control your hips well you will become less graceful and being sloppy is just a waste of energy and would oftentimes lead to an injury.

The point is, you must learn to delegate some load of your body to your hip and abdominal muscles. By doing so, you will be able to walk more efficiently resulting to a faster stride while reducing the risk of injury as well as the jarring of the joints due to walking impact. Of course, with lesser strains and pains, you can walk farther than normal. If you are losing weights, then you can burn generous amount of calories which is a positive thing to happen to your body. With this in mind, look at the following list to-dos for  a proper walking technique.

1. Pull Your Belly Button Toward Your Spine

Normally, the abdominal muscles form like a girdle of stability to give you more control over your movements–this can help you develop six pack abs. Now, when you walk, freely swing your arm without letting your torso swivel. The main purpose is, again, to support your movement.

2. Get Your Thigh and Butt Muscles Involved

Consciously, when you take a step you need to focus more on your trailing leg; you should create some kind of a crease in the spot where your thigh and butt meet lifting your cheek to tighten your hamstring. Continue to do so as you take your way down the pavement step by step.

3. Point Your Toes Forward as You Walk

The truth is, your knees can easily be stressed out when you turn your toes out. The good thing to do while walking is to allow your heel to strike the ground first and flexing at your ankles.

4. Always Relax Your Shoulders

Do not shrug or hunch. Always hold your shoulders back and down because they also play a significant role in preserving your stamina and energy as you walk. It is normal to feel tired if you shrug your shoulders.

5. Your Head Must be Held High

Have you ever tried walking with a book on your head? That’s the kind that you need to adapt whenever you are out for walking. This is a great help in distributing the force of gravity over body and it lowers the stress on your head and neck.

Walking is the simplest exercise yet it is very helpful for a person whose body cannot sustain heavier and more strenuous activities. The fact is, doctors recommend walking as the primary form of exercise which can be done everyday, everywhere. However, in order to boost its effects, you need to have your own technique or you can follow what I have just pointed out.


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