Can Yoga Help Anxiety and Depression?

Depression and anxiety are common illnesses of today’s fast paced society; often one is accompanied by the other, leading to a viscous circle to which there seems no escape. However, studies have shown that yoga might be a a natural tool to coping with some of the symptoms and problems associated with both depression and […]

6 Steps to Better Health

My husband is struggling with a health issue right now. My sister-in-law has many health issues. I don’t have the energy I’d like to have. A friend struggles with her weight. I believe everyone on the planet, at certain times or seasons of their lives anyway, could live a healthier lifestyle. That is what motivates […]

3 Ideas For Exercise In The Winter

To be honest, I could be happy curled up all winter next to the woodstove, never taking a step outside. But that is both impractical and unhealthy. So I have set up a few disciplines in my life that get my old, tired body moving and some fresh air in my lungs. There are also […]

5 Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 26 million Americans have diabetes. They also predict that if current trends continue, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050.  In light of these staggering statistics, I’d like to share five sure-fire ways to help lower your sugar—for those who feel they’ve tried everything. […]

An Introduction to Pilates

Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise in comparison to yoga; however, pilates has many benefits in its own right and might be a more suitable form of exercise for some people than yoga. It can be practiced by nearly everyone, no matter how old or young you are; in fact, many people who […]

Pain-free Gardening

For some reason, each spring, I end up with sore muscles—especially the front of my thighs. It comes from the garden, I’m sure. This year, I’m determined to start my gardening season pain free. I’d like for you to do that too. So, here are some tips that I have learned that will help. Stay […]

8 Exercise Ideas for Homemakers

Most stay-at-home moms, homeschooling moms, or homemakers in general are an under-exercised lot. Let’s face it; we fail to take good care of ourselves because we are too busy taking care of everyone else in the family. With that in mind, I’ve developed methods to keep my body moving and stretching throughout my day, without […]