4 Steps on How to Detox Your Body Naturally

4 Steps On How To Detox Your Body Naturally
With spring just around the corner, people are beginning to think about spring cleaning. One thing you need to remember to put on your spring cleaning list is yourself. Myself? Yes, your own body needs to be cleaned out periodically. We’re not talking colon cleanse here, but just a simple way to detox your body without chemicals or products you spend a lot of money on. Stick around and read about how to detox your body naturally (how to detox your liver and kidneys).

Before we go any further, realize that this is not a fast. Fasting does work, but it can be dangerous, especially for someone with no experience with it. Fasting is best done periodically, starting small by just skipping a meal, then two, then three. Continuing to fast for longer periods of time is the best way to become familiar with it, but take it slow and be careful. Fasting done for more than a day and a half should be done under a doctor’s supervision.

So, how to detox your body naturally, right? Well, there are four main steps to this process with a few supplemental tips.

Step 1:

Water. That’s right, drink lots of water. How much? Lots. Drink till you are full to bursting, then drink some more. Maybe not that much, but a lot. Water poisoning is a potentially fatal condition, but we’re not talking about that much. The average human kidneys can process about 1 liter or quart of water per hour. Just fill up a 1 liter bottle and count on drinking it very hour or so. All day long.

Why so much water? By filling your body with water, you are flushing lots of harmful chemicals out of your system. These toxins get lodged in lots of places, but they like to stick around in your fat cells. Drinking lots of water will flush these fat cells, releasing the toxins into your urine and waste. You can also add lemon to your water, use fruit juices, or teas, but the more natural your choice of liquid, the better the results.

Step 2:

Exercise. Sweating is an important step in how to detox your body naturally. Doing this through exercise will not only dump more toxins from your system quickly, it will also clean out your lungs, and boost your energy. Running, basketball, tennis, any sport you enjoy that can get the sweat pouring off you will be good. You can also go to a sauna if you prefer, however if you have to choose, exercise would be best.

Step 3:

Avoid certain foods. The more natural your diet is, the better your efforts at detoxing naturally. Avoid the following foods to help yourself along in the process: dairy (milks, cheeses, ice cream), shellfish, beef and veal, processed meats, soft drinks, processed juices (raw or fresh are fine); anything with refined sugars, excessive salts or fats. Basically, stop eating a lot of processed junk.

Step 4:

Add certain foods. Just as you are eliminating certain foods from your diet, you should also begin adding different food (preferably organic) to your diet or increase what you already eat. What foods? Well, boneless skinless chicken breasts, leafy green vegetables, fish (flounder, cod, snapper, sole, mackerel), kelp, raw carrots, garlic, egg whites, fresh fruit, brown or wild rice, etc.

Be sure to avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine. Smoking is out. Taking a multivitamin is advised as well. A fiber supplement may help if you’re not getting enough in your diet already. Who knows, maybe this way of how to detox your body naturally could turn into a new healthier lifestyle.


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