3 Natural Hair Treatments

Vegetable oils are great for restoring hair vitality and for adding gloss and shine to dry hair. The health of your hair is affected by a number of factors, such as diet, stress and the environment. Many store bought shampoos, conditioners and treatments contain a myriad of chemical ingredients that can sometimes leave your hair […]

The Healing Benefits of Bath Salts

The healing benefits of bath salts, both Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts, have been known for centuries. Today, Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts are a popular, natural ingredient in many home made bath salts. They both have benefits that make taking a soak in the bath not only a relaxing experience, but a […]

Making Natural Perfumes at Home

Centuries ago all perfumes were made from natural elements such as plants; however today most commercial perfumes are made from synthetic ingredients. Since I began working with essential oils in aromatherapy I have found that I have become more and more allergic to synthetic perfumes and fragrances, perhaps my body’s way of rejecting anything that […]

What to Look for in Natural Skincare Products at Farmers’ Markets

In the last few years, more and more farmer’s markets have sprung up in local communities, especially during the summer months. Farmers’ markets offer the opportunity to find fresh, local produce grown by local farmers and growers. However, some farmers’ markets also offer the opportunity to find handcrafted products such as natural skincare products. As […]

Essential Oils for Your Skin Type

Essential oils are added to many skin care products as a natural way of looking after your skin. However, there are many different essential oils to choose from; some essential oils are more suitable for certain skin types than others. Here’s a look at some suitable essential oils for different types of skin. Using Essential […]

The Basic Ingredients For Homemade Lip Balm

Lip balm (or gloss!) is one of the easiest natural beauty products that you can make for yourself. Many of the ingredients used to make a natural lip balm have therapeutic properties, unlike a regular store bought lip balm or lip salve. Look closely at the ingredients of many regular lip balms and you might […]

Differences Between Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils

Vegetable oils and essential oils are sometimes confused in aromatherapy use. Both types of oils are natural oils, and both have therapeutic properties, but they are composed in different ways. There are many different vegetable oils and essential oils that are used in aromatherapy practice, so it is important to firstly understand the basic differences […]