The Wonderful Health Benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt

The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Himalayan Sea Salt
Although many people are familiar with sea salts, not so many people are as familiar with crystal salts, such as Himalayan pink salt. Furthermore, if you are familiar with Himalayan crystal salt, you might be most familiar with Himalayan crystal lamps, which are a popular use for Himalayan salts. However, crystal salts such as Himalayan salts also have other uses, in addition to many health benefits.

Origin of Himalayan Salts

As the name suggests, Himalayan crystal salts originate from the Himalayan mountains. The Himalayan mountain range is located over several countries, including India, China, Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Himalayan salts are mined from ancient ocean beds that were crystallized over 200 million years ago; in addition, the salts are hand mined, ensuring a pure, natural product with many health benefits (source).

If you love the color pink, you’ll love the visual appeal of Himalayan salts – pink is their natural color! Himalayan salts retain this color due to the trace elements that make up the crystal salts – including iron.

Difference Between Sea Salts and Crystal Salts

Although sea salts are noted for their many health benefits, crystal salts are said to be one of the cleanest natural salts available and are made up of all the elements that are found in our bodies (source). Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 of the 92 known trace elements. Sea salt isolates and disconnects the crystals from vital elements in its structure whereas crystal salt does not; this means that crystal salt is more balanced and more easily absorbed by the body (a photographic comparison of sea salt and crystal salt can be found here, which shows this statement in detail).

Benefits of Himalayan Salts

Himalayan salts have a number of health benefits; these include:

  • the ability to replenish the body’s electrolytes
  • the ability to balance the body’s pH
  • help cells to absorb minerals
  • benefits to the respiratory system
  • the ability to lower blood pressure
  • the ability to improve circulation in the body
  • detoxify the body of unwanted metals and re-mineralize the body with beneficial minerals.

(sources: Natural Therapy Pages: Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt and Saltworks: Himalayan Pink Salt)

Uses of Himalayan Salts

You can use Himalayan salts in several ways; these include:

  • as a crystal lamp – one of the most popular and familiar ways to use Himalayan salts. Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions (when switched on and warmed up) which enables them to both neutralize positive ions and generate additional negative ions into the air. This process purifies the air and leads to a healthier living environment (source)
  • as a bath salt – although not as familiar as the use of sea salts, Himalayan salts can also be used in the bath. Because Himalayan salts contain many natural minerals, they are extremely beneficial to the skin and the body when bathing. Combined with water, the overall experience is also soothing to the mind!
  • as a culinary addition – Himalayan salts can also be taken internally. Add Himalayan salts to dishes such as fish and chicken, as an alternative to more traditional salts. Just make sure that the salt is graded for food use before using it this way (source).

Crystal Salts and Sea Salts

Both sea salts and crystal salts have health benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. However, crystal salts contain more minerals and are more balanced that sea salts. Whatever way you choose to use sea salts and crystal salts, you can be sure that your body will be benefiting from a natural source of minerals and elements that our bodies need.


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