How Cinnamon And Honey Can Help Your Health

How Cinnamon And Honey Can Help Your HealthCan you think of any better food toppings than honey or cinnamon? Both of these ingredients are wonderful to add to food and drinks to make them sweeter and more decadent. People often stay away from honey and cinnamon because they think they’re not healthy for you. Both of these ingredients are known for being a part of pastries and other fattening deserts. However, there are quite a few health benefits of honey and cinnamon.

Age-old benefits

The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for thousands of years, as a treatment for many health problems. They’ve been used together for a very long time as a home remedy. The combination of honey’s enzyme and cinnamon’s oil produces an anti-microbial called hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has the power to put a halt to the growth of fungi and harmful bacteria. Here are a few ways as to how cinnamon and honey can help with your health.


Honey and Cinnamon Cures and Remedies

Taken together every day, cinnamon and honey help to strengthen the body’s immune system. The combination helps to fight off viral and bacterial infections. There are large amounts of iron in honey, which helps to strengthen white blood corpuscles.

The combination of cinnamon and honey helps to slow down the aging process by controlling free radicals. Taking this combination in the form of hot tea can help the skin feel soft and can increase longevity.

The pain of arthritis can be relieved by massaging the painful area with a paste made from two parts cinnamon and one part honey. Copenhagen University held a study in which 70 patients used this mixture, and found it very helpful with the pain.

Cholesterol levels can be reduced by combining cinnamon and honey. The combination helps to revitalize the veins and arteries, as well as improve blood circulation. By lowering cholesterol levels significantly, there’s a smaller chance that a blockage in the veins and arteries will develop.

Weight Loss?

Combining cinnamon and honey is a safe method of weight loss according to many dietitians. By drinking one cup of hot water with the combination of the two, is said to stop the accumulation of fat in the body.

Both honey and cinnamon can help fight off fatigue. Honey has a very high amount of iron in it, as well as a very high amount of natural sugar. Iron increases hemoglobin levels in the blood, and the natural sugar does not do any harm to the body.

People who suffer from a chronic cough, the common cold, or sinus problems benefit from taking honey and cinnamon. They both are made up of ingredients that inhibit the growth of germs that cause the influenza virus, and also kills these germs.

Honey, Cinnamon, and Cancer

One of the more miraculous benefits of honey and cinnamon is their ability to cure certain types of cancer. Research has been done in both Australia and Japan showing that advanced cases of bone and stomach cancer have been successfully cured. Patients with certain types of cancer are urged to take one tablespoon of honey along with one teaspoon of cinnamon three times a day, for one month.

A few additional ways how cinnamon and honey can help with your health include the following:

  • A paste made up of the two ingredients can be made to help control baldness and hair loss.
  • Using honey and cinnamon as a paste can help reduce the pain of a toothache.
  • They can help with an upset stomach, and help relieve gas.
  • Consumed with warm water, cinnamon and honey can stop the growth and kill germs in the bladder.
  • They can clear up acne, ringworm, eczema, insect bites, along with many other skin problems.
  • Using honey and cinnamon while gargling will help keep your breath fresh all day.

These are just some of the various ways as to how cinnamon and honey can help with your health. It’s simple to add cinnamon and honey to your diet. Cinnamon and honey have been valued ingredients for thousands of years for their healing abilities. These ingredients have a lot more power in them than one may initially think. Adding this combination to foods or to drinks can provide you with many health benefits, not to mention making your meals and drinks a little sweeter in taste.


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