Home Remedies To Treat Pink Eye

Pink eye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis, is an eye condition that is caused by several factors. It can be caused if a person has an allergy to house dust, pollen, or certain kinds of make up. It could also be caused by certain chemicals such as large amounts of chlorine in a swimming pool, tobacco […]

Organic Pest Control To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

If you maintain a garden, you’ve probably had to deal with any number of pests. When you get pests in your garden, you should attend to the issue as soon as possible. Not only can pests destroy your fruit and vegetable plants, they can also smell. Case in point, the stink bug. Stink bugs are […]

The 7 Best Vegetables and Fruits for Healthy Glowing Skin

Harold is maintaining a health site which gives closer focus on alternative medicines and natural ways to treat any kinds of human illnesses. Additionally, he is more comfortable writing about the best vegetables and fruits which are very useful for the human health and body. Being a fitness trainer he focuses more on helping other […]

6 Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Skunks

If you enjoy gardening, or you just like to have a yard that is clean and nice looking, you want to keep out certain pests. One pest that can be a harm to your garden or yard is the skunk. They can ravage your garden, especially if you have fruit or vegetable plants. There are […]

5 Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

The following article was written by Melissa Beckman. Melissa is a freelance writer specializing in topics of oral health and dental procedures, such as TMJ treatments. Everyone wants brighter, whiter teeth, but finding ways to whiten your smile without using harsh chemicals or expensive store-bought kits can be a challenge. Luckily, there are several natural […]

Home Remedies For Spider Bites

Spiders are everywhere. No matter what part of the world you live in, spiders are most likely present. All spiders carry venom, but only a few are extremely dangerous. It’s fairly easy to identify whether you’ve been bitten by a spider. Identifying Spider Bites And Their Symptoms Every spider bite is different. The appearance of […]

Home Remedies For An Eye Stye

Have you ever woken up with a red and puffy eye? Did you think it was just due to a bad night’s sleep? It may be something more. It could be a condition known as an eye sty. What Is An Eye Sty? An eye sty can either be external or internal. The term for […]