The Use of Aromatic Waters for Your Health

Aromatic waters, more commonly known as hydrosols or hydrolats in aromatherapy practice, have a number of health benefits; most people associate the therapeutic practice of aromatherapy with essential oils, but interest is growing in the use of aromatic waters. Once considered the by-product of distillation of an essential oil, aromatic waters are actually valuable commodities […]

Health Benefits of…Roses?

I’ve seen wild roses in abundance along many country roads. Most people only think of the rose as a fragrant flower; and in the wild, a pesky weed. But I’d like to share not only fragrant ways to use the roses, but healthful ways to use the rose hips. Source of Vitamin C The rose […]

Natural Hay Fever Remedy

Several years ago, we bought a house in the middle of a hay field. Come summer, our son could barely function for the runny nose and eyes, sneezing and congestion. Diagnosis: Hay fever. Prescription: Claritin. Before anyone in our home takes a pharmaceutical product, I look it up in the Physician’s Desk Reference. Not liking […]

5 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Home and Garden

Lavender is a classical plant that has been used since ancient times, in one form or another, and remains in popular use today. There are many different types of lavender, including a myriad of lavender cultivars; some species of lavender are more suitable for health applications than others, although the fragrance of all lavender species […]

Natural Burn Treatments/John W. Keim’s Comfort for the Burned and Wounded

Many years ago, while popping popcorn on the stove, I caught my hand on fire. While two babies slept in the other room, my husband pulled into the driveway with our oldest to see me, through the picture window, trying to blow out the flames on my hand. The following weeks were not pretty. I […]

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

Rabbits are a common nuisance to the gardener; they may at first look cute hopping across your yard – but they are not so cute when they are munching their way through your prize flowers and vegetables! In some states it is illegal to hunt rabbits (or a hunting permit is required), so how do you […]

Health Benefits From Coconut Oil

When I read this story of Bruce Flett, I was shocked. This man spent the greater part of last year suffering with dementia as a result of an infection in his heart and a valve replacement. Flett was unable to dial the telephone, use the computer, talk clearly, or even take care of his own […]