What are the health benefits of garlic?

Bad breath and deterring vampires isn’t the only thing garlic should be known for. Garlic, the number one herbal supplement used in U.S. households, has numerous uses and health benefits. Excellent for cooking, health and home remedies, garlic can easily be grown in most climates. The extremely versatile herb has been utilized throughout history as a natural remedy. In ancient times it was acknowledged as a remedy to treat many ailments including, flatulence, intestinal disorders, skin infections, and symptoms of aging. During the middle ages the herb was ground up and applied directly to the wound to prevent the spread of infection. Greeks were known to feed garlic to their athletes before they compete in Olympic events.

How to Make Four Thieves’ Vinegar

Legend has it that in the early 1600s, when the bubonic plague ravaged Europe, four men made a living of looting the homes of newly deceased persons. The plague was spread by the bites of fleas that had left their usual hosts of rats and mice and begun to bite people. Not knowing how the […]

How To Make Comfrey Salve

Many years ago I had a son with chapped lips gone awry. No matter what he did or used, they continued to worsen. Needing to take the matter in hand, I went out to the back yard and picked a basketful of leaves. I then went into the house and concocted a salve that brought […]

3 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid of Spiders

Don’t like spiders? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you have to kill them or spray them. Anyone who’s even a little bit interested in protecting the environment knows that insecticides are one of the most poisonous substances we bring into our home and avoid it at all costs. (By the way, […]

Where To Buy Bulk Spices And Herbs – A Comparison of Bulk Herb Suppliers

I have studied herbal medicine for almost 20 years. In the beginning, I purchased small quantities of herbs at the local health food store. That is great if you just want a teaspoon of something; but not so cost effective if you want a pound. After further learning and wanting to use more herbal preparations […]

How to Assemble an Herbal First Aid Kit

When someone says “First Aid Kit” the first thing to come to mind is band-aids. But there is more to being prepared than having those convenient little adhesive bandages on hand. Previously, we discussed essential oils to keep in a first aid kit and using them for emergencies. In this post, I’d like to discuss […]

The Difference Between Essential Oils and Flower Essences

People often confuse essential oils and flower essences. Although both essential oils and flower essences have therapeutic benefits they are, in fact, different commodities. They are extracted in different ways and are also used in different ways. This article outlines the differences and similarities between these two popular natural products – and when you should […]