5 Ways to Raise Natural Children

As your children get older and venture out into the world, making their own decisions, you wonder if they will adhere to the values you taught them at home—especially when it comes to living a natural lifestyle. “Will they choose the fruit over the ice cream?” or “Will he remember how to treat his headache […]

5 Natural Cures for Back Pain

I’ve often thought that I can pursue my career for as many years as I want because it is not physically strenuous. However, with several weeks of low back pain, I’ve found that there is something that can prevent me from sitting at a computer for more than five minutes at a time. Perhaps you, […]

Using Pesticides Safely

Parkinson’s disease killed my father-in-law. It took a beautifully vibrant man and stole a little piece of his dignity every minute of every day for over 20 years. The latest studies link this hideous disease to pesticide use. We can believe it. Dad used pesticides freely and without reservation.   I trust that Natural Health […]

5 Benefits of Raising Your Own Meat

I rarely buy meat at the grocery store. For years now our family has raised our own chickens or pigs for butchering, or hunted deer in the forest. There are many benefits to raising your own meat, for your health and otherwise. But I’d like to share just five of them with you here. 1. […]

How to Make Milk Gravy

My mother always worked outside the home. When she was home, she spent her time fashioning beautiful and useful garments for her family and clients—not cooking. Consequently, I grew up on lovingly-prepared meals out of a box or can. Everything I now know about cooking from scratch and using whole foods from my own backyard, […]

Health Benefits of…Roses?

I’ve seen wild roses in abundance along many country roads. Most people only think of the rose as a fragrant flower; and in the wild, a pesky weed. But I’d like to share not only fragrant ways to use the roses, but healthful ways to use the rose hips. Source of Vitamin C The rose […]

Picking Wild Berries

Some plants we eat, I think, by default. Because they do not poison, we ingest them to fill hungry stomachs. Like turnips, they bring no other satisfaction or inspiration to life. Other plants we eat for the sheer delight they bring, arousing the palate and brightening the mood—like berries. Red, black, blue, a veritable rainbow […]