Differences Between Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils

Vegetable oils and essential oils are sometimes confused in aromatherapy use. Both types of oils are natural oils, and both have therapeutic properties, but they are composed in different ways. There are many different vegetable oils and essential oils that are used in aromatherapy practice, so it is important to firstly understand the basic differences […]

How To Eat Right During The Holidays

If your schedule looks anything like mine, you are in for a dieter’s nightmare in the next coming weeks. Even those that do not necessarily try to watch their weight, but strive to just eat healthy, need to keep their eyes peeled for dietary traps this time of year. But if you enter the season […]

How to Extend Your Growing Season—Inexpensively

The day before Thanksgiving I harvested the last of the broccoli I planted this year. It was beautiful. The heads were so tight and green and there was not a single worm. I love fall gardening much better than the hot summertime. But you’re probably wondering what I can grow in the cooler temperatures. Well, […]

Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

Regular candles are often made with all sorts of chemicals and other additives that aren’t particularly good for your health. However, there are a couple of natural alternatives for candles, including those made with soy. Soy wax candles have a number of benefits over regular candles, the first being that they are naturally better for […]

How to Use Aromatherapy During the Holidays

The Holidays, although a great time for getting together with friends and family, can often be stressful. In addition, eating a diet of rich foods can upset our digestive systems. Fortunately, there is a natural therapy at hand to help! Aromatherapy can be used in a variety of ways during the Holidays which in turn […]

Arsenic in Apple Juice From China – Says Dr. Oz

Arsenic in apple juice—the breaking news of the past week. Started by Dr. Mehmet Oz, on his popular television program, this controversy has either raised fear and doubt in the minds of parents that regularly give apple juice to their children, or fueled the fire of scoffers who do not really care. When I was […]

The Uses and Benefits of Castile Soap

Today, a lot of manufactured soaps contain a range of ingredients that often cause your skin to dry out or can irritate your skin. However, if you look at the ingredients of natural soaps, mostly handmade by independent businesses, you will realize that soap doesn’t have to be like this. One such type of soap […]