How To Make Homemade Dog Food

Imagine, if you will, buying a complete meal in a bag. No thawing from the freezer, no chopping or dicing, not even cooking required. Just pop the pieces straight from the bag into your mouth, potato chip style, and you have all your required daily allowances of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Sound great? No, […]

Natural Sleep Aids

Insomnia is a condition that most people suffer from at some point in their lives; lack of sleep can leave you feeling exhausted, irritable, forgetful, anxious and with a feeling of fogginess. Although you can often find relief in prescription and over-the-counter sleep medication, most do not come without unwanted side effects. The following herbs […]

Why You Might Want to Consider Stevia

As a child I remember my grandmother carrying around a bottle of tiny pills she would drop into her coffee or tea. She said it was better for her than sugar. Used as an artificial sweetener since the late 1800s, those little pills (saccharin) would later carry a warning label that they caused cancer. Since […]

4 Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy

With spring comes soft rain, daffodils, and a renewed outlook on life. Unfortunately, for some it brings the fear and intimidation of poison ivy. But with a few natural remedies for Poison Ivy, you don’t need to feel sentenced to the indoors while all your friends enjoy the community barbeque. The constituent in poison ivy […]

How To Deal With A Long Flight

This summer, I will be taking my first long haul flight in four years; although I love to travel, I am not a big fan of flying, so try to prepare myself for the hours ahead when there is no where to go and a limited amount of options on activities. In addition, the security […]

Essential Oils for Therapeutic Aromatherapy Practice

You can use essential oils in the therapeutic practice of aromatherapy for a number of health problems. However, how do you know which type of essential oil to choose, regardless of the plant species? There are several different types of pure essential oils on the market (in addition to fragrance oils and adulterated oils) so […]

Can Yoga Help Anxiety and Depression?

Depression and anxiety are common illnesses of today’s fast paced society; often one is accompanied by the other, leading to a viscous circle to which there seems no escape. However, studies have shown that yoga might be a a natural tool to coping with some of the symptoms and problems associated with both depression and […]