How Dirt Acts as an Anti-Depressant

Perhaps you’ve had a diagnosis and prescription from a doctor that you thought a bit odd. But if you go in complaining of depression and the doc tells you to take up gardening, hear him out. Research has shown a direct correlation between Mycobacterium vaccae (a bacterium found in soil) and the serotonin levels in […]

Essential Oils for Your Skin Type

Essential oils are added to many skin care products as a natural way of looking after your skin. However, there are many different essential oils to choose from; some essential oils are more suitable for certain skin types than others. Here’s a look at some suitable essential oils for different types of skin. Using Essential […]

Edible Wild Salads

Years ago a friend lost his job as an engineer. Rather than seeking employment in the corporate world, he decided to farm. Not growing up on a farm, it took several years of poverty for them to see the fruits of their labor. Why am I telling you this? One day his wife confided in […]

How To Make Your Own Body Scrub

Body scrubs are a great way to get rid of “dead” skin cells and re-vitalize your skin. If you have never tried a body scrub before, your body is in for a treat! There are many cosmetic beauty treatments out there that you can buy from pharmacy and grocery stores, but perhaps some of the […]

Health Benefits of Pau d’Arco Tea

Native to South America, pau d’arco (Tabebuia spp.) is found in various parts of the tropical/subtropical world. Its range includes areas of southern Florida and northern Mexico to northern Argentina, including the Caribbean Islands. Also known as tahibo or trumpet tree, the pau d’arco grows from 16 to 160 feet tall, depending on the species. […]

Aromatherapy Books for the Beginner

As a certified and practicing aromatherapist, I have more books than I care to admit to on my own aromatherapy bookshelf; however, if you are just starting out in the world of aromatherapy, you might be more than a little confused as to which book you should purchase first. There are many aromatherapy books on […]

Different Types of Vitamins and Their Uses

Vitamins are essential to us in order to help our bodies function efficiently and to keep us in good health. Vitamins are found in various foods, in addition to being naturally manufactured by our bodies. However, sometimes we need some help in the form of vitamin supplements; it can be difficult knowing which vitamin supplement […]