Information On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that initially wasn’t recognized by the medical profession because there was no known medical condition to explain it. However, many people suffer from this disabling condition which leaves you exhausted and unable to carry out your normal routine. Twice as many women suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome than […]

Fast Healthy Snacks

Snack food. What comes to mind when you hear that? Cookies? Chips? Ice cream? Anything in a bag that rattles or that is covered in chocolate? Surely, you can do better than that. I would like to challenge you to steer clear of those machines loaded with colorful lures that hook you into breaking the […]

Essential Oils With the Same Names

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to help with a number of health problems. However, sometimes essential oils are confused because they have the same or similar sounding English names. In addition, a generic English name, such as “mint,” is used to describe an entire plant family of different essential oils. Here are some of […]

How To Treat Digestive Problems

I remember having frequent stomach aches as a small child. Looking back, I believe they probably came from stress and poor diet. As a teen and young adult, I could eat anything. Seriously. And in large quantities. I lived for a pot of chili, hotter than my family could stand. My friends never understood how […]

Combining Aromatherapy With Other Types of Complimentary Therapies

Aromatherapy is a versatile complimentary practice because it can be practiced in a number of ways and easily combined with other types of complimentary therapies. Although a beneficial therapy in its own right, aromatherapy can also be combined with therapies such as reflexology, massage and Ayurvedic medicine for greater benefits. Here’s a closer look at […]

6 Steps to Better Health

My husband is struggling with a health issue right now. My sister-in-law has many health issues. I don’t have the energy I’d like to have. A friend struggles with her weight. I believe everyone on the planet, at certain times or seasons of their lives anyway, could live a healthier lifestyle. That is what motivates […]

Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, Healthy Dark Chocolate Fudge Recipe

At the moment I am on a pretty crazy and restrictive diet as I am trying to track down some food allergies that have been bugging me. So because I have been mostly eating veggies and fruits, I have been craving some good dark chocolate. But, even the best dark chocolate I can find all […]