How to Make Yerba Mate Tea and why you would want to

Yerba mate is a shrub found in the rainforest of South America. A country such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil is where yerba mate can be found naturally. The leaves can be made to brew a strong tea and is a nationally made drink. It is also an alternative medicine source made to counteract […]

Sweet Potato Health Facts

Several years ago, a family in our church left for several weeks to visit distant relatives. The father of the home, however, could not leave his job for such a stretch and was alone for a week before joining his wife and children. Consequently, we had him join us for supper one evening. We learned […]

How To Make Gut-Healing Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product created by fermenting milk with a Lactobacillus culture. Making your own yogurt is fun and easy. It is an ideal way to use up extra milk if you own dairy animals. And, it is a healthful snack that children love. Here’s my recipe to make yogurt. Start with fresh milk. […]

Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is one of six important vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy; vitamins A, B, C, E and K are the other major vitamins that the body needs to function efficiently. Just as there are several types of vitamin B, there are also a couple of types of vitamin D. Although the […]

Cinnamon As A Treatment For Diabetes And Digestion

While waiting in line at the pharmacy, recently, I noticed that next to the supplies for diabetics—glucose tablets, lancets, and alcohol wipes—they displayed cinnamon capsules. “Why?” I wanted to know. A quick search in my library turned up that cinnamon (cinnamomum verum) can be used to lower blood glucose levels. According to a study discussed […]

The Health Benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is a small perennial shrub that is reputed to have many valuable health benefits. Although scientific research is often sketchy on the “proven” health benefits of bilberry, one recent study conducted at an Italian University indicates that bilberry extract may actually help to prevent eye conditions such as glaucoma. About the Plant […]

Review of Grain Mills

Who can resist the smell of bread fresh from the oven? Or whole wheat pancakes heavy with butter and maple syrup? What about tortillas, soft and warm, right off the griddle? These are staple foods in our home—made with flour freshly ground with our Country Living Grain Mill. We really enjoy our grain mill and […]