Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, Healthy Dark Chocolate Fudge Recipe

At the moment I am on a pretty crazy and restrictive diet as I am trying to track down some food allergies that have been bugging me. So because I have been mostly eating veggies and fruits, I have been craving some good dark chocolate. But, even the best dark chocolate I can find all […]

Cheddar Potato Soup Recipe

Nothing warms body and soul in January more than a simmering pot of soup. No wonder it has been dubbed National Soup Month. Making a pot of soup involves more than haphazardly throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot of water and hoping for the best. I carefully choose each ingredient. Texture and color […]

How To Eat Right During The Holidays

If your schedule looks anything like mine, you are in for a dieter’s nightmare in the next coming weeks. Even those that do not necessarily try to watch their weight, but strive to just eat healthy, need to keep their eyes peeled for dietary traps this time of year. But if you enter the season […]

How to Extend Your Growing Season—Inexpensively

The day before Thanksgiving I harvested the last of the broccoli I planted this year. It was beautiful. The heads were so tight and green and there was not a single worm. I love fall gardening much better than the hot summertime. But you’re probably wondering what I can grow in the cooler temperatures. Well, […]

Learn To Eat Local, Organic Food And Transition from Factory Food

I haven’t always eaten a healthy, organic, fanatically local diet. In fact, I don’t now. I do what I can, when I can; and I try not to feel guilty about the rest. But the one obstacle I hear regularly when I counsel someone to make dietary changes is that they cannot afford it. I […]

Food, Inc. Movie Review

I know Food, Inc. has been out for a while. However, our family is so slow at getting to movies that I just watched Food, Inc. while we were on Staycation. This movie made such an impact on our thinking that I wanted to share it with you here. Prior to viewing, I did already […]

September is National Whole Grains Month

Did you know that the United States Department of Agriculture Food Pyramid recommends that adults have between 6-11 servings of grains each day? Since this is National Whole Grains Month, I’d like to look at the recommendation through new eyes; because, to be honest, 11 slices of whole wheat bread just doesn’t look appealing to […]