A Simple and Extremely Effective Homemade Plant Fertilizer Recipe

So I recently did some digging trying to find some recipes for homemade plant fertilizer and these are a few of what I found. I was looking for something simple to make that I could use with cheap and easy to find household ingredients. My favorite plant food recipe that I found was this one… […]

The Amazing health benefits of raw honey

People have been using honey for all of its wonderful benefits for thousands of years. Here are just a few of the many health benefits of raw honey…

Natural Remedies For Jet Lag

Traveling can be an exciting activity. You go to places you’ve never been to before, or you visit relatives you haven’t seen in a while. Whatever the reason for your trip, you don’t want to feel tired and sluggish during your time away. When you travel through many time zones, you might experience jet lag. […]

Natural Blood Pressure Reducers

In the 1930s, DuPont coined the phrase, “Better living through chemistry”. Today, their early advertising slogan has taken on an ominous, Brave New World tone as we struggle to reduce or eliminate from our bodies and our environments some of the very chemicals we turned to for protection.   Usually, when we think about harmful […]

How to Protect Your Dog’s Health Naturally

If you own a dog, you will no doubt be aware that your dog can suffer from health problems just as much as you. Some problems are “doggy related,” whereas other problems are similar to those suffered by humans. A dog’s physical make-up and anatomy is not the same as a human, so it is […]

What to Look for in Natural Skincare Products at Farmers’ Markets

In the last few years, more and more farmer’s markets have sprung up in local communities, especially during the summer months. Farmers’ markets offer the opportunity to find fresh, local produce grown by local farmers and growers. However, some farmers’ markets also offer the opportunity to find handcrafted products such as natural skincare products. As […]

Herbal Foot Care Health

As summer approaches, your feet are suddenly thrown into the limelight! Throughout the winter months, feet usually stay bundled up in comfy socks, shoes and boots (unless you are lucky enough to live in a more tropical climate) and, as a consequence, feet often become thought of “as out of sight, out of mind.” However, […]