5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Well During the Winter Months

1. Wash your hands. The winter months are the peak periods for colds and flu. Often the bacteria or viruses associated with these maladies enter our bodies through our hands. Doorknobs, handrails, shopping carts and objects that receive handling by many people are teeming with germs. One should wash their hands often and

Vitamin C: A History Of Healing

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a vital nutrient for humans. Failure to consume proper amounts will result in scurvy, involving liver spots on the skin, spongy gums and bleeding from the mucus membranes. Throughout human history, a varied diet has been known to be healthy. Wherever possible this has been done, but there have […]

The Health Benefits of Yoga

For many years, the medical and science communities have been studying the benefits that the ancient practice of Yoga may have for the modern human body. The positive results of the research increases with each year. And the health and well-being of those that include Yoga as part of their lives improves as well. People […]

Fight Aging With Wu Long Tea

Aging is essentially the culmination of the many physical and physiological changes that take place within our bodies as we grow older in years. Ongoing research over the years has resulted in conclusive proof that one of the major factors that causes aging are free radicals. These free radicals cause several of the visible signs […]

What Is A Low Glycemic Diet?

When it comes to today’s society, the urgency to lose weight and capture a better body image is met with a wide-range of plans, products, and tips. The glycemic index is a new scientifically validated system which ranks the effects of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels. If carbohydrates quickly break down in sugar during digestion, […]

Combining Conventional Medicine and Natural Therapy to Deal With Your Health Conditions

A debate has recently ensued regarding which is better: conventional medicine or natural therapy. A combination of the two is likely the best solution. Conventional Medicine Conventional medicine is traditional health care. This can include normal practices such as office visits and prescription drugs. To deny the importance of physician care would be to deny […]

3 Criteria for a Supplement that Works

Today, with many prescription drugs having a variety of negative side effects, many people are turning to supplements instead of prescription drugs. There is a lot of hype surrounding supplements, and there are many who are convinced that supplements are the way to go. Since more and more people are using supplements, there are more […]