New Year Resolutions for Natural Health

As the old year ends and a new year starts, many people make new year resolutions. Perhaps some of the most important new year resolutions that you can make for yourself are those concerned with your health. In addition, 2011 may be the year that you look at how to incorporate natural health solutions into […]

Does Oscillococcinum really work?

I recently got over a flu and when it started my wife suggested that I take this homeopathic medicine called Oscillococcinum.  Just like most people I was a little skeptical, but she was very emphatic that it had helped her flu go away a lot quicker. So on her recommendation I decided to give it […]

How to Assemble an Herbal First Aid Kit

When someone says “First Aid Kit” the first thing to come to mind is band-aids. But there is more to being prepared than having those convenient little adhesive bandages on hand. Previously, we discussed essential oils to keep in a first aid kit and using them for emergencies. In this post, I’d like to discuss […]

The Amazing health benefits of raw honey

People have been using honey for all of its wonderful benefits for thousands of years. Here are just a few of the many health benefits of raw honey…

Edible Wild Salads

Years ago a friend lost his job as an engineer. Rather than seeking employment in the corporate world, he decided to farm. Not growing up on a farm, it took several years of poverty for them to see the fruits of their labor. Why am I telling you this? One day his wife confided in […]

Different Types of Vitamins and Their Uses

Vitamins are essential to us in order to help our bodies function efficiently and to keep us in good health. Vitamins are found in various foods, in addition to being naturally manufactured by our bodies. However, sometimes we need some help in the form of vitamin supplements; it can be difficult knowing which vitamin supplement […]

How To Deal With A Long Flight

This summer, I will be taking my first long haul flight in four years; although I love to travel, I am not a big fan of flying, so try to prepare myself for the hours ahead when there is no where to go and a limited amount of options on activities. In addition, the security […]